Sample sunbed 5
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The Prestige lives up to its name in every sense, bringing luxury and performance to mid- and top-level tanners. The LED Light Show dynamic color schemes can be set to match salon décor or seasonal colors, while the sunbed’s dramatic angles and design complement this stunning illumination.

On the inside, the Intelligent Performance Technology ensures quicker and deeper tanning results by adjusting the lamps’ output automatically for the most even and dark all-over tan. NFC Technology brings a new level of personalized customer service to each session. Providing your customers with a high-end amenities, such as a personal VIP card that allows them to save their preferred settings for future sessions. The personal VIP card ensures they will be greeted by name and will enjoy all features adjusted to their personal comfort preferences. No comfort feature has been overlooked with the Prestige Series.

Beauty Light LED
The perfect blend

A perfect session for the beauty-minded, 32 Beauty Light LED’s allow for the ideal facial session, without UV. Creating the perfect glow and customization for your most discerning of customers, pair with light activated anti-aging products for the full effect.

Personal Sunstyle
Choose your UV intensity, from sensitive to intense.

Choose your session, from sensitive to intense. Personal Sunstyle creates the ideal customization, allowing customers to reduce UV while maintaining the benefits of full-body Red Light. Obtain beautiful color, all while choosing the session thats best for you.


Level 1: Sensitive, 70% UV /100% Red Light
Level 2: Medium, 85% UV Output /100% Red Light
Level 3: Intense, 100% Full UV Output/100% Red Light

Hybrid Light
See the difference: Immediately

The Prestige 1600 brings UV and Red Light together for the first time and it’s a match made in heaven. Experience color like never before with the perfect combination of light and beauty. Groundbreaking technology available only at Ergoline, give your customers a whole new and heightened color result.

Exterior control panel

A proper introduction. The exterior control panel allows you to properly introduce all the features and benefits of your equipment to customers. Pre-setting comfort features also ensure that users are getting the very best from every session. Easily navigate between features and save them on an NFC Connect card for the next session.

UV Technology

Ground breaking tanning performance! The Hybrid Performance technology provides perfect tanning without compromise. The smartsun PLUS lamps build up pigmentation and, in combination with the Trend UV lamps, an immediate natural and long-lasting tan is achieved. Dynamic, electronic ballasts ensure 100% performance. In the facial area, four Ultra Performance PLUS facial tanners with new smartsun UVB-spaghetti lamps ensure optimized tanning performance.


  • Trend UV lamps: 38 x 200 watts max.*
  • Smartsun PLUS Lamps (UV +Red Light) 14 x 200 watts max.*
  • Ultra Performance PLUS lamps
  • Shoulder tanner: 2 x 240 Watt



  • Facial tanner: 4 x 520 watts max.*
  • Smartsun UVB spaghetti lamps: 3 x 8 watts
  • Red Light LED Technology: 32 Red Light LED’s
  • Optimized Performance
  • * The maximum UV output is adapted to the national regulations.


All-round feeling of wellbeing! The standard comfort features combined with Aqua Fresh, Aroma, Temptronic and 3D sound deliver luxury at the highest level.  All feel-good settings can be adjusted in the control center before the tanning session begins and stored on the customer’s card using NFC Connect.  When the chip is held up to the NFC field on the next visit the sunbed is automatically adjusted to all of the customer’s personal preferences. Relax – and enjoy your personalized tanning experience.

  • Bluetooth®Connect
  • Temptronic PLUS incl. enclosed tanning tunnel
  • Comfort Cooling PLUS
  • Control Centerto to pre-select all comfort features
  • NFC Connect / Personal Comfort
  • Multi-Relax Acrylic
  • Aqua Fresh & Aroma
  • 3D Sound incl. Voice Guide, MP3 connection, Auto Play & Auto Volume

Bluetooth connect

Find your own vibe. Listening to your own music during a session has never been simpler with Bluetooth Connect. Pair your device in seconds and enjoy your session.

  • Intensive: 100% Intensity
  • Medium:    85% Intensity
  • Sensitive:   70% Intensity


Stunning design! The LED Light Show mesmerizes with new dynamic color schemes that can be customized to coordinate with salon decor while the dramatic angles and Silverpearl design complement this stunning illumination.  Once inside, red interior lights emphasize the newest eye-catching features.

  • Decor Color: Silverpearl
  • LED Light Show with over 1400 long-lasting high performance LEDs
  • Over 200 colors and animations
  • Illuminated Ergoline Logo in the canopy
  • LED Interior Light
  • Red Light LED

Technical data

Product dimensions
(L x W x H in inch)

93-11/16 x 61-13/16 x 59-1/16

93 -11/16 x 61-13/16 x 77-11/64

Required interior cabin size
(L x W in inch)

98-7/16 x 90-9/16

Maximum total output with mains connection 400/415 V 3 N

17,600 W


70 amp 3 phase
110 amp single phase


1,554 lb

Product information

Further information can be found in our instruction manuals and planning manuals.

Prestige 1600

Hybrid Performance LED

Prestige 1400

Intelligent Performance

Affinity 900

Smart Performance

Affinity 700

Advanced Performance

Affinity 500

Turbo Power

Passion 40/3 Plus

Turbo Power

Sunrise 7200

Dynamic Performance

Sunrise 6200

Smart Performance

Sunrise 480


Essence 48


Inspiration 600

Smart Performance

Inspiration 550


Sun Angel


Open Sun 1050

Ultra Performance

Beauty Angel 7200


Beauty Angel RVT 30


Sundash 32/0